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Hey hey. I'm a dork trying to get a silly idea with my characters off the ground. Not a very good artist, but eh. Whatayagunnado


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Tozling's had everything a good pub needed. Drinks, music, and fights between supernatural demi-gods. Bliss. The place was packed as usual, filled with the laughter and stories of the unholy. Among the bustling, a large pair of bat ears perked up on a non-bat head. Azulies, the vampiric bartender, heard a menu close. Someone was ready to order. Superhuman hearing made being a waitress much easier, plus the gossip is a nice bonus. No conversation was actually private as long as she was around. She folded in her uselessly small wings as she slipped by a customer to approach table 5, and the four occupying it.

Hoxmarch looked up, bright stripes of hot pink and neon green contrasted against the black outfit of his waitress.
"Is everyone ready?" Asked Azulies, placing small glasses of water on the table. The group collectively exclaimed a "Yes." and they went around.
"I'll have a Shockvolt." Said Hoxmarch, wanting a bit of a kick tonight.
"I'll have a Bangkin-Gut cocktail, please." said Skelta, bouncing in her seat.
"I'll take a Dedrain Slain." Said Pariah, inspecting the pub's other patrons.
"And I, my dear, will have one-" Started Gate before Pariah snapped back to look at him.
"He'll have a water." Pariah piped to Azulies.
"Wuh-I will not!" Gate retorted, outraged.
"You literally drank all of my alcohol two nights ago. I'm not paying for your drinks until you pay back all of mine." Pariah said, coldly. Gate growled at him, but Pariah stared him down.
"(sigh) A water." Gate grumbled to Azulies, defeated. "τσιγκούνης σκύλα." Gate muttered under his breath in Greek.
"Excellent choice, Gate." Teased Azulies, who had been lightly giggling to herself during the whole ordeal. Gate rolled his eyes. "I'll have your drinks ready in a flash." She said as she departed from the table.
The group sat in silence for a bit, Skelta drumming on the table with her hands, and Gate slouched over into his arms.
"Aww, c'mon Gate." Said Skelta, trying to cheer him up. "Waters not the end of the world."
"Yes it is" Gate said dully, his voice muffled by his sleeves, "My life is H2Over."
"Well then pay Pariah back." Said Hoxmarch.
"You know I don't have any mon-" Gate started, before he slowly looked around at the pub's other patrons, his infamous grin widening across his face.
"Gaaate." Said Pariah, worriedly. "The money can't be stolen."
"Hm." Responded Gate, clearly not listening. Pariah sighed and looked at Skelta. She was blowing bubbles in her water through her straw.
"So, any news on Violon?" Hoxmarch asked Pariah.
"Nope." Said Pariah, plainly. "It's like you said, he disappeared. Looking at it now, he's either waiting for us to let our guard down, or we've got him scared. Still not sure why he went after us, though. Probably no significance." Pariah sighed. Having a sudden thought, Hoxmarch's eyes widened, not that anyone could see them under his hood.
"D-do you think he might know that i'm a-" Hoxmarch started before Pariah shushed him briskly, sternly motioning his head towards the bar. Hoxmarch turned to see Azulies looking at them before quickly turning away as if she hadn't been. Oh right, she can hear everything in the building.
"No, I don't think so. And even if he did, Violon has never been one for deep motives." Said Pariah, returning to his ongoing inspection of everyone in the building. Azulies approached the table with their drinks.
"Here we go, Shockvolt, Bangkin cocktail, Slain, and -ahem- a large water." She said, handing out their drinks as Gate scowled. The group thanked Azulies as she walked off. Gate downed his drink in one gulp and got up from the table.
"Very well, if you won't let me drink, i'm going to go eat." He said right before swiftly dissolving into smoke and slinking under the booths.
"Umm." Said Hoxmarch, concerned, looking at Pariah.
"He'll be fine." Said Pariah. "Bars are usually filled with self-pity, one of his favorite flavors." Hoxmarch turned to Skelta next to him in the booth. She was burning bits of her napkin in a small flame she conjured above her thumb, like a lighter. Hoxmarch opened his mouth to talk to her, when a bunched up receipt suddenly hit Hoxmarch on the back of his head, he looked over and saw a group of demons, all wearing similar outfits sitting at another table. A gang. Great.
"Ey, sorry buddy! Just tryin' to gitch-yalls attention." Said the biggest one, a cyclops, in a greaser accent. "Yo red-head!" He yelled at Skelta, who let the flame disappear to look up at him, curiosity on her face.
"Yeah?" She responded.
"How'd you like to get wit' a strong guy like me? C'mon babe lookat' deez!" He flexed his muscles as his friends laughed. "You know, I happen tah like smaller chicks, like you, even if your chest is flatter than my beer. Whatcha say hot stuff? I'll show you a thing or two out back." Smugness was plastered all over his face. Hoxmarch was infuriated.
"Look man, I don't think she-" Hoxmarch began.
"Hey, I don't think I was talkin' to you, cupcake. So why don't you shut your damn mouth." The cyclops interrupted, giving Hoxmarch an intense glare. Hoxmarch's visage faltered a bit, but anger quickly replaced his hesitation. He had heard enough from this guy, and turned to Pariah, certain he, too, was gearing up to kick their asses, but Pariah was instead looking at Skelta with concern in his eyes. Hoxmarch looked to see Skelta... grinning? Not Gate's kind of grin either, this one was fierce, like a wolf. Her hair began to glow a subtle red and started to wave like a growing fire.
"Hoxxy," Skelta said, looking straight at the cyclops. "Let me out." Her voice giving no implication of her intention.
"What?" Said Hoxmarch, aghast, not moving from his spot in the booth. "No, Skelta, that's not a very good-"
"Just let her out." Said Pariah in a firm, almost scared tone, still staring at Skelta. Hoxmarch looked at Pariah, then back to Skelta. Defeated and confused, he got up from the booth and let Skelta out. She started slowly walking towards the other table, swaying her hips. The cyclops got up, probably feeling like the biggest stud in the world. His buddies shouting words of praise.
"Alright, sweety cake, les' go. Yo, whats wich' ya hair?" He said, putting his large arm around her shoulder.
"It means i'm... excited." Skelta said, adopting a seductive tone Hoxmarch has never associated with her before.
"Aha, dat's the spirit." Said the cyclops. They both walked outside through the side door, heading toward the alley. Hoxmarch stared at the door for a few seconds before turning to Pariah, outraged.
"What was that!" Hoxmarch whisper-yelled. "You just let that happen!?"
"I don't mess with that face." Said Pariah, shaking his head and trying to calm down. "When her hair gets like that, it means she's absolutely furious. Skelta's anger is linked directly to her powers, and you don't wanna be around when she loses it." Pariah took a big gulp of his drink, obviously nervous about what might happen. Hoxmarch stared at him, at a loss for words.
"O-ok." Hoxmarch finally said in a tired exhale, just accepting this kind of thing in it's stride. "Is she gonna be alright?" He asked.
"I hope so. She usually is when this kind of thing happens. Not that it happens often." Pariah replied. Hoxmarch continued to sip on his drink, nervously, looking at the side door and listening for anything outside. A whir of purple smoke flew into the booth and reformed into Gate. He slumped in his seat and sighed, as though he had just finished a 5 course meal.
"Welcome back" Said Pariah."What was tonight's special?"
"Heartbreak." Said Gate as though he were in love with the word. "Cat-person in the back there just broke up with his boyfriend, and I ever-so-thoughtfully stepped in to console him." Hoxmarch looked around, and indeed an Egyptian cat demon sat there, crying into his drink. "Pushed all the right buttons...delicious. Where's Skelta?"
"She got hair-angry at some guy, they're both outside." Said Pariah, trying to stay calm about the situation.
"OoOoh fun. Context?" asked Gate. Before Pariah could answer, however, a blood-curdling shriek was heard from outside. The side door swung open and everyone looked as the cyclops stumbled inside and collapsed on the floor, pants down, grasping at his crotch. Skelta walked on his back to get through the door, holding a charred and shriveled tube in her hand. Hoxmarch's jaw dropped. It didn't take him long to figure out what the singed tube really was. She bent down to look at the cyclops, her hair glowing and smoking even more that it was when she left.
"Now say you're sorry!" She yelled in an enraged tone, shoving her foot down on his head.
"Aack!-- I'm sorry! P-please, just leave me alone!" He said, devolving into babbles.
"Good." Growled Skelta before shoving the singed tube into his mouth. He began to choke, and quickly stood up to try and remove the object from his throat. He stumbled out of the side-door and out into the alley, his buddies springing from their booth and exiting to help him. After a few seconds the bar was quiet, and chatter quickly refilled the air. Skelta walked back to her table. Her hair gradually went back to normal and her usual happy face returned. She looked at Azulies. "Sorry about that!" Skelta called to her in a cheerful tone.
"No... problem..." Said Azulies, quite bewildered by the events that had just occurred. Hoxmarch couldn't believe what had just happened. He made a large mental note to stay on her good side, forever. Pariah shared a similar expression, but Gate was stifling back laughter. Skelta cheerfully walked back to the table. "Hey guys. What'd I miss?"
Matzclow (half) by GatekeepertoSorrow
Matzclow (half)
I'm trying to figure out Matzclow's outfit. His face ended up really thin in this for some reason. I'm getting there.
Wulfgang by GatekeepertoSorrow
I usually don't post sketches, especially ones on line-paper, but i was kinda proud of this one, mainly since I finally drew a full body with legs and didn't explode. This is just a doodle of my Hunter from Bloodborne.
Robot Buddies by GatekeepertoSorrow
Robot Buddies
A dumb doodle that I felt like uploading for some reason. Ever since I played Undertale I imagined Banjax trying to copy Mettaton but not sure why it was doing it.
SmEYEle by GatekeepertoSorrow
A weird thing I did for school. I spent way too much time getting little details down, but I'm actually quite proud of this.
I am likin the whole tumblr thing a lot more than this. sorry to say. I will pop back on the site here and there to keep up with people a Watch, but other than that, tumblr. here ya go.
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